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Community description:A Minecraft community
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Do you like Minecraft? This is the place for you! Post anything Minecraft-related: screenshots, custom maps, texture packs, videos, discussion. As long as it's related to Minecraft, it's allowed.

There are just a few rules you should become familiar with.

1. Be civil. If you can't treat everyone with respect, you will be removed. It's one thing to disagree, but it's another thing entirely to be a dick.

2. Only post your own content. This means texture packs, mods, maps, skins, screen shots, and anything else like that.

The exception to this is YouTube videos or discussion of someone else's mod or map or whatever. It's very difficult to steal a YouTube video, so those are exempt, and sometimes you just want to talk about something someone else did. If you are posting a discussion topic, please be sure to follow Rule 3.

3. One post per topic. New mods and releases are always coming out. If there's already a post for it on the first page, please use that page. When official releases come out, I will try to get a post up for it ASAP, and all discussion should be contained to that post. This is to prevent us from spamming everyone's F-lists.

The exception to this is user-created content. Even if someone's already posted a mod or a texture pack, or something that they've created and you have a similar post, you are always more than welcome to do so. This rule is mostly in place to keep thirty thousand posts about 1.5 from flooding the community.

4. Tags! Use them as you see fit. If you don't know how to tag something, stop by the tag request page and let me know so I can either create new tags for you or add the appropriate ones if you're not sure which ones to use.

That's it. Have fun!

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